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Medical Students’ Association Activities

    Medical Students’ Association Activities

    At the General Assembly of the Turkish Medical Students Association, held in Antalya on May 13-15, 2017, we became a silver member of TURKMSIC.


    The Biruni MSS Medical Education Task Force TUS, USMLE, organized the Medical Education information event in Europe for the second time.


    The students of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Health Sciences organized a panel on “Vitamin D”.


    A “Writing CVs and motivation letters training” workshop was hosted by Biruni MSA in our university.


    A “Violence against Women and Sexual Health” seminar organized by Biruni Medical Students Association took place in the conference hall of our university.


    The TURKMSIC project camp hosted by The Biruni Medical Students Association…


    Biruni Medical Students’ Association visits Zeytinburnu Semiha Şakir Nursing Home.


    On March 8, International Women’s Day, our medical students promoted awareness of breast cancer in our hospital.


    Biruni MSA Medical Education Task Force students gave a presentation with an interview by Ayşenur and Alparslan about Anatomy 101.


    Biruni MSA Internship Exchange Task Force interviewed Ali Erdem and Betül Menteş about intership abroad.


    The 1st Regional Meeting of the Turkish Medical Students Association, consisting of 13 faculties and 125 participants, was held at our university.


    Biruni Medical Students Association and Biruni’s “Enabling the Disabled” association held a 3rd December World Disabled Day event.


    Our students give presentations on current issues…


    Our medical students learn the techniques of preparing presentations and presenting from their first year.


    Volunteers of Biruni Medical Students Association conducted an interview entitled “How to Study?” for first year students.


    From the meeting of the Biruni Medical Students Association with our Term I students…


    Our medical student Gülsüm Kırhan presented a paper on our behalf at the National Medical Education Congress in İzmir.


    Biruni medical students promoted awareness of breast cancer in Zeytinburnu and invited people to our hospital for examination on March 8.


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